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Weather in Los Angeles

Los Angeles enjoys its hottest temperatures during the months of July, August and September.

The region is quite dry from around May to October, with practically no rainfall at all during July and August. The city experiences its wettest months from January to March.

December to March are the coldest months, but the weather is mild with temperatures not tending to fall below 8C (45F).

Average Temperatures

Celsius = C / Fahrenheit = F

January        8C – 18C (46F – 64F)
February      8C – 19C (46F – 66F)
March           9C – 19C (48F – 66F)
April            10C – 21C (50F – 70F)
May             12C – 22C (54F – 72F)
June            13C – 24C (55F – 75F)
July              16C – 27C (61F – 81F)
August        16C – 28C (61F – 82F)
September 14C – 27C (57F – 81F)
October      12C – 24C (54F – 75F)
November  10C – 23C (50F – 73F)
December    8C – 19C (46F – 66F)

Spring months: March, April, May
Summer months: June, July, August
Autumn months: September, October, November
Winter months: December, January, February

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