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Weather in Auckland

July is the the wettest month, followed by June. The driest months are January & February, but can still get plenty of rain!

January – March are the hottest months

NOTE: Being in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand’s seasons are opposite from what most of the world experiences.

Spring months: September, October, November
Summer months: December, January, February
Autumn months: March, April, May
Winter months: June, July, August


Average Temperatures

Month     Celsius       Fahrenheit
January     16°C – 23°C (61°F – 73°F)
February   16°C – 23°C (61°F – 73°F)
March        15°C – 22°C (59°F – 71°F)
April           13°C – 19°C (55°F – 66°F)
May            11°C – 17°C  (52°F – 63°F)
June            9°C – 14°C   (48°F – 57°F)
July             8°C – 13°C   (46°F – 55°F)
August       8°C – 14°C   (46°F – 57°F)
Sepember  9°C – 16°C   (48°F – 61°F)
October     11°C – 17°C   (52°F – 62°F)
November 12°C – 19°C  (53°F – 66°F)
December  14°C – 21°C (57°F – 70°F)

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