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Dingli Cliffs in Malta

dingli cliffs

Dingli Cliffs, with its steep drops, are the highest point of Malta at around 250 metres above sea level. The area is popular for country walks and picnics and offers not only open sea views over the tiny, uninhabited isle of Filfla, but also views of inland Malta and nearby Buskett Gardens and Verdala Palace. Although, the best views of the cliffs themselves is from sea level on an island cruise!

The chapel of St Magdalena (1646) is located at the cliffs and the small Dingli village is about half a mile away.

Most visit Dingli Cliffs by car, but you can take a bus from Valletta that drops you off at a restaurant at Dingli Cliffs.

Not far from Dingli Cliffs is Misrah Ghar il-Kbir (known as Clapham Junction), a prehistoric site best known for its “cart ruts” – a complex network of tracks gouged in the rock. The age and purpose of the tracks are still a mystery of Maltese history.

Near to village of Dingli on the west coast of Malta.
8 Miles (13km) from Valletta.

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