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Weather in Tokyo

June, July, September and October are usually the wettest months. The driest months are January and December.

August is the hottest and most humid month.

Spring months: March, April, May
Summer months: June, July, August
Autumn months: September, October, November
Winter months: December, January, February


Average Temperatures
Month       Celsius      Fahrenheit
January      -2°C – 8°C    (28°F – 46°F)
February    -1°C – 9°C     (30°F – 48°F)
March         2°C – 12°C    (35°F – 53°F)
April            8°C – 17°C    (46°F – 62°F)
May             12°C – 22°C  (53°F – 71°F)
June            17°C – 24°C  (62°F – 75°F)
July             21°C – 28°C  (70°F – 82°F)
August        22°C – 30°C  (71°F – 86°F)
Sepember   19°C – 26°C  (66°F – 78°F)
October       13°C – 21°C  (55°F – 70°F)
November   5°C – 16°C   (41°F – 61°F)
December    1°C – 11°C    (34°F – 52°F)


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