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Top Museums in Tokyo

Tokyo National Museum

tokyo national museum

Established 1872, the Tokyo National Museum is the oldest and largest museum in Japan. Displays include Japanese and Asian antiquities, as well as archeological remains. [more…]


Edo Tokyo Museum

edo tokyo museum

Founded in 1993, as a facility to preserve the historical heritage of Edo-Tokyo. The Permanent Exhibition showcases politics, culture, and an insight into the lifestyle of the people from its birth to present day Tokyo. [more…]


National Science Museum (Ueno)

national science museumu eno

The museum displays the history of earth, expansion of life, and the history of Japan’s science technology. The dinosaur displays are popular with children. [more]


Sumo Museum

sumo stadium museum

The major function of the museum is to gather and preserve a wide range of materials related to the history of sumo, from woodblock prints and banzuke (official listings of rank) to the ceremonial aprons worn by the great rikishi of the past. [more…]


Metropolitan Museum of Photography

metropolitanmuseum of photography

Features its own collection ranging from the historical to the contemporary with the majority by Japanese photographers. It also has many visiting exhibitions. [more…]


Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

metropolitan teienart museum

The main attraction is the art deco style house and its garden. The museum has various displays of art by visiting exhibitions. [more…]


Ota Memorial Museum of Art

ota memorial art museum

Features the private Ukiyo-e (woodblock print & paintings) collection of the late Ota Seizo V. [more…]


Beer Museum Yebisu

beer museum

Traces the history of beer in Japan, including a history of beer advertising and an explanation of beer brewing techniques. There is also a beer tasting lounge. [more…]


Tobacco and Salt Museum

tobacco and salt museum

Exhibits explain the spread of tobacco from its South American homeland to other areas; also information about salt: production, natural forms, and other aspects of this vital substance. [more…]


Emerging Science and Innovation

museum of emerging science and innovation

Experience cutting-edge science and technology through hands-on exhibits, including interactions with robots, virtual-reality rides as well as video interviews of distinguished researchers. [more…]


Kite Museum

kite museum

Exhibits unique kite designs of almost every region of Japan as well as kites from around the world. It has around 3,000 kites in its collection. [more…]

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