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Weather in Budapest

May, June & November have the most rain.

August & September are the driest months.

June, July & August are the hottest months.

January, February & December are the coldest months.

Spring months: March, April, May
Summer months: June, July, August
Autumn months: September, October, November
Winter months: December, January, February


Average Temperatures

Celsius=C  Fahrenheit=F

January        -4C – 1C (24F – 34F)
February       -2C – 4C (28F – 39F)
March            2C – 10C (35F – 50F)
April               7C – 17C (44F – 62F)
May                11C – 22C (52F – 71F)
June               15C – 26C (59F – 79F)
July                16C – 28C (61F – 82F)
August           16C – 27C (61F – 81F)
Sepember    12C – 23C (54F – 73F)
October        7C – 16C (45F – 61F)
November    3C – 8C (37F – 46F)
December   -1C – 4C (30F – 39F)

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