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Local Transport in Budapest


Single tickets are valid for bus, tram and metro for 1 uninterrupted trip. (These tickets are not valid on night buses!)

You must buy your ticket before your journey and validate it in the ticket stamp machine on the bus and tram, or in the case of the Metro at machines before entering the platform.

Tickets are best bought at Metro stations as there are more ticket choices. But, tickets can also be bought at many tobacconists.

The Budapest Card is a tourists card with free travel on public transport and free admission to over 60 museums and other attractions. (48 hours &  72 hours available).

You may also buy a Travelcard for unlimited travel available for 1 Day, 3 days  or 7 days

Budapest has a good bus network, including night buses.

The subway system covers most major attractions. There are three metro lines – M1 (Yellow), M2 (Red), M3 (Blue) that run from 04.30am to 11:00pm. They intersect only at Deak ter Station

Tram (Streetcar)
Budapest has an extensive tram service that runs from 04.30am to 11:00pm. Although there are some limited night trams. Useful trams for tourists include 4 & 6.

The overland HEV railway connects central Budapest with the suburbs.

There are three main railway stations in Budapest: Keleti pu (east); Nyugati pu (West); and Deli pu (South). Most international trains run from Keleti pu.

You may hail taxis in the street, but will probably be cheaper to order a taxi by telephone.
Tel. City Taxi – 211 11 11
Tel. Fotaxi – 222 22 22

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