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Weather in London

London is in the south of England and therefore has a mild climate. It is predominantly damp yet temperate. Generally, weather here is very inconsistent, with rain and clouds also at the height of summer.

Spring months: March, April, May
Summer months: June, July, August
Autumn months: September, October, November
Winter months: December, January, February

Average  Monthly Temperatures
C = Celsius   (F = Fahrenheit)

January        2C – 6C (35F – 42F)
February     2C – 8C (35F – 46F)
March          3C – 11C (37F – 51F)
April             5C – 14C (41F – 57F)
May              8C – 18C (46F – 64F)
June            11C – 21C (51F – 70F)
July              14C – 23C (57F – 73F )
August        13C – 22C (55F – 71F)
Sepember  11C – 19C (51F – 66F)
October      8C – 15C (46F – 59F)
November  5C – 10C (41F – 50F)
December  3C – 7C (37F – 44F)

Driest Months*

Wettest months*

*Note: These are based on average rainfall for the month. In summer months you are more likely to have heavy showers with lots of rainfall, but more dry days. In winter, you are more likely to have steady light rain, resulting in less rainfall, but more wet days.

It rarely snows in central London and if it does it is normally gone within a day or two.

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