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Weather in Prague

June, July, August have the most rain.

Jan, Feb, March are the driest months.

June, July August are the hottest months.

Dec, Jan, Feb are the coldest months.

Spring months: April, May
Summer months: June, July, August
Autumn months: September, October
Winter months: November, December, January, February, March

Average Temperatures

Celsius=C  Fahrenheit=F

January       -5C – 0C (23F – 32F)
February      -4C – 1C (25F – 34F)
March          -1C – 7C (30F – 44F)
April              3C – 12C (37F – 53F)
May               8C – 18C (46F – 64F)
June             11C – 21C (52F – 70F)
July              13C – 23C (55F – 73F)
August         13C – 22C  (55F – 71F)
Sepember    9C – 18C (48F – 64F)
October       5C – 12C (41F – 54F)
November   1C – 5C (34F – 41F)
December  -3C – 1C (27F – 34F)

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