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Top Attractions in Prague

This is a list of attractions not included in our Top sights, Museums and Galleries  section.



A historical complex of Baroque buildings covering 20,000 square metres. The complex generally became a vast library in the 1700s, and since 1990, it has been the home of the National Library. Access to main hightlights: The Astronomical Tower, Mirror Chapel and Baroque Library Hall are only open to the public by taking one of the hourly  tours. [more…]


Žižkov Television Tower

Žižkov tv tower

The unconventional design of the tower resembles a rocket launchpad! It consists of three concrete pillars, with pods attached that house a restaurant and cafe at 66 metres and observation rooms at around 93 metres with panorama views of Prague. Several sculptures of crawling babies are attached to the tower’s pillars – looking like they are climbing the tower. [more…]


Cubist Houses

libusina 49

In the second decade of the 20th century a handful of Czech architectures built a number of private houses and apartment blocks in Cubist style. Czech Cubism was seen as a rejection of the highly flamboyant and decorativeness of Art Nouveau. The Czech cubists, who were influenced by artists such as Picasso, sought to allow the material that buildings are made from to be their own decoration and used distinctive angular shapes to accomplish this goal. [more…]


Lennon Wall

lennon wall

After John Lennon’s murder, young Czechs set up a memorial by writing graffiti and lyrics on the wall from Beatles songs to demontrate against the ban of western pop songs, particularly John Lennon songs as he was a pacifist and spoke up for freedom. The wall developed into a forum for grievances against the Communist state. The anti- Communist graffiti has now gone and replaced with peace and love messages. [more…]



vysehrad hill

Offers delightful views of the Vltava river and of the city below. A fortification was built here in the 10th century to serve as the royal court of the Premyslids – few of the castle’s original buildings remain. The main attractions are the beautiful Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and its cemetery where famous Czechs, such as the composers Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana are laid to rest. [more…]


Wallenstein Palace & Gardens

wallenstein palace

A 17th century Baroque Palace by Italian architect Andrea Spezza that is currently the home of the Czech Senate. The delightful Italian garden of the Palace has a sala terrena (garden pavilion), a grotto with artificial stalactites, an aviary and an artificial lake with an island. [more…]


Bethlehem Chapel

bethlehem chapel

Founded in 1391, and reconstructed in 1948, the building is an important part of Czech history as the reformer Jan Hus preached here between 1402 – 1412, and as a result the chapel became the birth place of the Hussite movement and a rallying point in the bitter struggles for religious supremecy. [more…]


Prague Zoo

prague zoo

Founded in 1931, its many animals includes Tigers, Leopards, Reindeer, Mooses, Antelopes, Camels, Gorilla’s, Cheetahs, Sea Lions, Penguins, Pandas, Giraffes, Zebras, hippos, Indian elephants. In 2008, Forbes Traveler Magazine listed Prague Zoo 7th best zoo in the world. [more…]

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